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Super Mario Bros. 64 Now Exists... Again

Date: April 20th, 2019


Human Raccoon readers may remember the first video game review this magazine ever did: It was Super Mario Bros. 64, a recreation of Super Mario Bros. using the Super Mario 64 engine. But the Nintendo 64 isn't the only video game device that ends in 64 (as evident by the trolljob the Angry Video Game Nerd did in his Superman 64 episode.) Someone recreated Super Mario 64 for the Commodore 64.

Clearly the game isn't a perfect recreation: the music is too fast, the sound effects are delayed and I've seen enemies survive things that should have killed them. But it's an impressive and ambitious project that could do with some fine tuning. I believe a friend of mine has a Commodore 64 so a review of it down the road isn't necessarily out of the realm of discussion.

(Special thanks to G4ZDTechTV for bringing this to my attention.)

And thank God that Commodore 64 footage is in 4kHD. Really necessary.`


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