After awakening with amnesia in her bed and being told she'd lived several years already, despite her very last memory being The Divine Mother speaking to her, Majin Tween leaped through poverty and child abuse while moving through different schools, neighborhoods and living situations in Vancouver, WA. Seeking escapism from the cruel tortures of The Birthgiver, Majin Tween found comfort in the Y2K culture that surrounded her. After child services attempted to rescue Majin Tween from this vile situation, supernatural events occurred such as mirrors shattering in rooms nobody was in and mysterious entities being seen. This led to The Birthgiver dragging Majin Tween away from society and into the woods.

Forced into the isolated woods of Yacolt by The Birthgiver: Majin Tween was only allowed to leave the house to go to school. This led to her marinating in the Y2K culture she brought with her into the woods. While the world changed around her, she never did. This culminated in being forced to live in a windowless basement after leaving high school, completely isolated for 3 straight years. The reality of the changing world only became evident when analog television went away, and the only thing she had to comfort her in the darkness was TV static.

In 2012, she escaped the Forest of Isolation. In 2017, she set forth to launch humanRaCcoOn.