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Human Raccoon Electronic Magazine is a dark humor webzine featuring original web shows & comics,reviews of video games, music, movies, TV shows and more.


Reflecting a subculture that doesn't technically exist, this webzine was born out of the Raccoon personality of it's creator. Following no set norms or pre-established ideals, Human Raccoon scavenges it's own culture and interests and brings them to you, the reader.

Raccoon grew up in the late 90s/early-to-mid 2000s, extremely out of touch with society. Growing up on VHS tapes, Nintendo 64-era video games, 80s movies and anything else that she has run into, liked and gathered.

There are various small-factoids about Raccoon as a person that affects this entire webzine. For example, not owning a smartphone and not watching modern television. Some people have taken to calling this subculture "cybergrunge."

Some of the featuretts of the webzine include...

RetroSpection - Video game reviews. Heavily inspired by GamePro, but unlike any reviews you're gonna get anywhere else. It's less about finding out how good a game is and more about goofing on a game as much as possible.

Stumblethroughs - A parody of video game walkthroughs. Adventure through the more long and epic games in a comedy-driven recap of the entire game... updated in individual entries, of course.

VHS Rewind - Reviews of movies that have been released on VHS.

Millennial Movie Madness - A unique opportunity for me to review modern movies, which I rarely ever watch.

Raccoonomicon - An electronic web diary exploring much of the origin story (and current events) of Raccoon. There are definitely some very dark elements, but everything gets made fun of on Human Raccoon. Everything.

Wrestling - The greatest sport in the world: professional wrestling.

Album Analysis - Pop on your headphones and get out your CD player. We're reviewing albums.

Music Video Mucus - Well, since MTV became empty TV, I've taken it upon myself to mock music videos like Beavis and Butt-Head.

Blasphemy - Reviews of religious VHS tapes.

Baptized in Brain Fluid - A fucked up Gimp-created web comic.

Population: Shrinking - A web comic using Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Commercial Breakdown - Quick reviews of commercials and advertisements

Television Quick Looks - Quick looks at TV shows that you may-- or may not need-- to check out.

The Olsen Zone - Reviews of Mary-Kate and Ashley's VHS tapes.

Digimon - Full mockeries of episodes of Digimon, which is one of my favorite cartoons of all time.

Human Raccoon 'n' Friends - Full mockeries of episodes of Friends, which is one of my favorite shows of all time.

Tech Check-Ups - Quick reviews of old school technology.

Palm Pirate's Log - Reviews of palm pilots and electronic organizers.

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