Advertising, Requesting Source Material & Donating

If you'd like to have your project/product featured in a commercial during the next Human Raccoon broadcast, you'll need to donate at least $10 (or buy merch) using the link on the bottom of the site and contact me letting me know what it is. As long as it's not something illegal, I'll gladly advertise it.

If you'd like to request source material for a future Human Raccoon broadcast, please donate at least $10 (or buy merch) and contact me telling me what you'd like to use.

There are a couple rules for what constitues acceptable source material:

  1. The source material in question, if it's mainstream, must be at least 5 years or older. This rule doesn't apply if your request is something like a web video, independent creation, etc. But fair use laws with newer stuff gets fuckier so that's why I have to put a restriction like that on it.
  2. Nothing illegal.
  3. If the source material requested isn't long enough to constitute an entire episode, liberties may be made to fit into another episode. Regardless, it will be used.

You can donate via BTC (3N2Q5AHR8hrc3tpEU1FzDvE1tqCpsEMJtS) or on Paypal.

If you had anything else in mind that you'd like to request but aren't sure, just email me or ask me in the Discord server. Those are the best two ways to get ahold of me with any comments, questions or concerns.