May 2023

5/30/2023 [10:13am] humanRaCcoOn will be going on hiatus in September, due to the fact that I will not have access to a computer from that point for an unforseeable amount of time. This upcoming summer (June / July / August) will be as much of a party atmosphere as I can provide while trying to sort out future living situations and stuff like that. So don't be alarmed when I vanish in September. 5/27/2023 [11:04am] Don't do drugs that take things from you. Creative tools are one thing, stay away from the garbage. It's just a slavery enforcer at that point. 5/26/2023 [2:57pm] Your path is different from everyone else's. Aim yourself towards what makes you happy. Don't focus on trying to fit into a pre-existing mold. Make your own custom experience that reflects you and leave something worthwhile behind for the next generation who themselves will seek to leave behind a legacy as they leave this realm behind. 5/22/2023 [9:02pm] The clock on the TV is off by an hour for some reason. I think it'll automatically reset and fix itself at some point. 5/22/2023 [6:35pm] Jim Cornette was asked what he'd like to ask ChatGPT to do on his podcast. His first answer was he wanted a plot to kill Vince Russo. Absolutely tremendous. I love this guy. 5/22/2023 [3:26pm] Lack of open-mindedness for other cultures' interpretations of God is more about the person not wanting to feel like they've wasted their time, rather than any actual reverence for their culture's interpretation of the dapper lad.