I Am Majin Tween


Date: May 23rd, 2019

Written by: Majin Tween

Hello, computer person. I'm Majin Tween, the bitch that makes this ridiculous show.

...well. My real name's Sarah. Majin Tween is just my super cool internet alias that I made up because I watched Dragon Ball Z and wanted to be as rad as the colored pencil people. I'd tell you my last name, but that might kill the mystique of my persona... or maybe it would add to it. Hey, fuck it. Stick around and try to guess it.


A few years back, I started this site on a place called Neocities and used it as a place to post stuff I thought was cool. To give a little background, I'm a bit of a weirdo. I'm kinda stuck in 1999, some people would say. So I transitioned from Neocities to this website on March 15th, 2019. The Ides of March, in which I tried to turn into a webzine where I'd review movies/games/music/etc. But it wasn't really sticking. I can make jokes about anything pretty much, but forcing myself to sit down and talk about these specific topics wasn't working out and it wasn't really making anything happen for this site.

So I slapped myself in the face with a giant wet pool noodle and said "wake up, Sarah! It's time to do something cool!" So I started making what I called Video Chaos. They were these 10-15 minute videos full of jokes I'd written and come up with, pieced together with care and then packaged and put out for people to watch. That's when it started clicking that THIS is what Human Raccoon should be. The most fucked up TV show you've ever seen.

It seems to be gelling well with people. This kid named Drew even made a bootleg sticker of the Human Raccoon logo and stuck it on his guitar!


So in addition to putting out this series, I've opted to have this little diary section on the website where I can vent out other random thoughts, jokes, little anecdotes or whatever to kinda make myself seem more humanish to those of you who dig what I'm doing. I'm not big into social media, I don't really wanna be one of those Instagram whores or whatever. So this is a cool way to be able to factually exist, let people know what's going on with me and not have to compromise the type of person I am in the process.

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The Majin Tween is a multimedia elf that makes super awesome TV for you to drink with your eyes.