Hey. Thanks so much for the nice words about the latest episode. Sorry to hear that your life sucks right now, but if it's any consolation mine's pretty balls too. That's really one of the things I'm aiming for in this show, being a way for people to vibe and laugh when they don't really fit in with what's going on in the mainstream.

I'm glad you dig my music taste, but honestly, it hadn't occured to me until now that viewers might consider my porn taste to be the same that shows up in the show. I tend to use girls I like, but I just pick stuff based on the context of whatever joke I'm trying to make and it often has nothing to do with my own personal tastes. I don't really like dudes unless they look like girls, so most of the porn clips that appear in the show for punchlines honestly would have never been seen by me had I not had to look it up for the joke. There's some exceptions, but that's mostly true.

I'm glad to hear that there are people out there who are digging the show so far. Right now, I realize that my viewerbase is very small but I'm just trying to maintain the regular schedule (a new episode every Sunday) so that when people start finding out that Human Raccoon exists, there's a back catalog of insanity for them to dip into. I have no idea how to get this stuff out there more, so if anyone's reading this: spread it. Tell your friends. Do whatever. If Pewdiepie can be a millionaire for screeching like an autistic chimpanzee, then I'd think this level of effort is at least respectable:

Seriously. That's the timeline of the episode I'm working on right now and it's not even fucking done yet.