To answer your first question. Yes. This is a one-man show. Basically there's two approaches to making episodes. I have ones where I take a tape, open it up in my video editor and go through from beginning to end, chopping it up and inserting jokes until I hit the end. In that regard, it's similar to improv comedy. The other approach I use is I'll make what I call "Palm Pilot Episodes." See, I don't have a cell phone, but I do have a palm treo, which is like a palm pilot/blackberry hybrid. It came out in 2009, it's got a notepad and a calendar and stuff, and a full keyboard on it so I can just type into it really easily. So for those episodes I'll end up making a notepad file on it and just filling it with skit ideas until I've got like ten minutes worth. That's where some of the more "random" feeling episodes come from.

That being said, my friends do help me out with stuff sometimes. Like when I need something tested. Sometimes inside jokes between myself and Dr. Girlfriend find their way in. Stuff like that.

For your second question: I would love to make money at this eventually. The only reason I haven't launched like, a patreon or anything yet, is because I'm still trying to get fans for this show. I'm trying to find an audience. There's no way for me to make money off of YouTube ad revenue due to both the adult nature of the show and how 90% of my source material is copyrighted. I'm allowed to use them the way I do due to laws made to protect reviewers and stuff like that. It's like that bit in a Doug Stanhope special where he points out smoking is illegal indoors, unless it's part of a theatrical performance, which is why he gets to smoke on stage while he does stand-up. Same idea. I'm just taking advantage of the rules that technically shouldn't apply to me.

I have a genuine passion for this. I really love doing it. I was heavily inspired by VHS mixtapes, some of the more advanced YouTube Poop (like Fesh Pince) and the way Eminem writes songs. I was like, can I figure out how to do comedy in a way that's just as layered and complex as his lyrics are? And this is what came of it. Which is funny because I didn't actually think what I was making was all that odd until reactions started coming in that were like "wtf is this?" Considering some of what passes for comedy in this millennial generation, I didn't really think I was doing anything weird. I certainly don't think you need to be on drugs to enjoy it, but obviously it helps because everything is better when you're on drugs.