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Banned from Fucking Everything

Date: November 14th, 2019

This is ridiculous. I was trying to watch the video of the Olsen Twins getting slimed at the Kid's Choice Awards, and YouTube had it flagged as adult content.

That means I had to log in just to masturbate to it. Unbelievable.

Speaking of masturbating, I learned something recently. If you're a sperm donor, they don't use your entire load. They just throw out the extra cum. That's so wasteful. At least take the rest in a little cup so you have something to drink on the drive home.


Those of you who keep up with the personal entries on here may recall my mentioning that I was banned from Twitter because I didn't provide them with a mobile phone number... due to... you know... not having one.

But then I decided to make a Facebook account. I have several friends who I can't stay in contact with in any other way, so fuck it. I made one.

And within two days they just locked me out and are demanding a phone number.

Yes. I am barred from contacting my own friends because corporations won't allow it.

I'm... I'm amazed.

One of my friends gave me her Discord. So I made a Discord and as I was going to add her... I got locked out. And told I have to provide a mobile phone number.

I'm stunned.

I have been locked out the social internet. I am 100% not allowed to even be in contact with people I have known for years.

So hey! If you're one of my actual friends and you're reading this: we can't be friends because you don't know how to use XMPP.

I was actually starting to feel like a person again with some of the friends I was getting back in contact with. But then the rug got yanked out from under me. Now I'm not only back to being the old-web anomoly that you read this site to take in, I'm not allowed to escape it unless I get an iWiretap.

So fuck it. I have joined FriendProject. Which is a site that exists to rebirth MySpace.

Yeah. I'm dead serious. You can add Human Raccoon @