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Coronavirus Is Good, Actually


Date: February 26th, 2020

Written by: Majin Tween

Amidst all this chaos and confusion that the world currently finds itself in, I see a lot of people desperate for answers. This world is in turmoil. Things are only getting worse.

No, the problem isn't coronavirus. In fact, I'm kinda looking forward to that.

Overpopulation is this planet's major problem, and coronavirus might be our only saving grace.

You see... people are fucking gross. You people eat out all the time, eat fast food, don't wash their hands, barely wipe their ass, wear the same shitty clothes every day. There are some girls who don't even wear makeup. They should be shot. But now, things are looking up. Because the coronavirus is probably going to kill all of them.

Think about it. We might be about to cure obesity, over-population AND the current state of retardation that plagues the internet! Those god awful meme-repeating shitheads? They might all die because they're such disgusting fucks! This is phenomenal!

Seriously. People are so fucking fat and gross. A lot of them look like warped out lightbulbs with legs. It's awful. I see them stagger around, limping on their own girth all the time. They should be killed, and now they might. And that's fucking tremendous.

Now, I know this makes me sound like some kind of cold-hearted sociopath. But that's because I am. If you're a boring shithead with no personality, talent and you're gross I don't value you. Either be attractive, intelligent or both. If you're just a fugly retard you can die in a fire.

I have seen grown adults sneeze without covering their faces. I have seen fat, disgusting men walk around with baggy tanktops so I can see their filthy armpit hair and curdled meatflaps. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of humanity. Drink coronavirus out of a used fleshlight and fuck off.