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Hard Drive Blitz

Date: August 16th, 2019


Well, I've worked endlessly on this site since it's launch in March 2019, so I figured now's a good time to attempt to start doing regular newsletters to talk about going-ons with the whole Raccooniverse 'n' such.

After watching a video of some guy painstakingly scrolling through my site and not really comprehending the things he was looking at (he didn't understand what a review was), I've realized that there's a certain category of people who don't have the mental capacity to understand even the most simple of things unless they fit a predesigned mold of social media. Even Wordpress has to be suffering because people are scared shitless of leaving the big 3 websites. As someone who grew up scrolling fan sites and other strange spots on the web, it's really disappointing. To me, the fun of the internet was always the adventure of finding odd spots. But that whole thing has died since all people care about now are celebrities and politics.

For those of you who loyally read this site and check for updates, I thank you tremendously for your support, but god damn. Do you know how hard it is to appeal to social media users when you epitomize 1999? It's a fucking nightmare. A nineteen ninety-nine-mare.

I was recently gifted a vape pen, which has aided tremendously in making my brain stop being dogshit. I'm actually focused now and I'm cranking stuff out at an actually acceptable pace. I know vaping is considered "douchey", but it's a way to get nicotine into my body without risking cancer and it tastes like blueberries so get the fuck off your high horse, you cunts.

I've got Benedryl Brain. I need my medicine.

I also got access to my old computer hard drive from 2011, which had a ton of old stuff from my past life on it. It was kind of fucked up looking through the stuff I had back in 2011. My tastes were very different than they are now. I was still hideously old school, but I had episodes of JonTron saved on there and video game fan art and stuff. I'm probably going to use them for the whole "historical Raccoonomicon" entries where I go back and tell childhood stories, but I do want to showcase this Tony Hawk's American Wasteland penis graffiti that I apparently did.


Cocks are hilarious.


I also found this shirt that I used to have: