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HDTV Fucking Sucks


Date: February 26th, 2020

Written by: Majin Tween

Those of you who have followed this site over the past year of it's existence, or even back when I was on Neocities, know that I don't really watch a lot of modern stuff. Unless it's some really weird shit that's come up (like PFFR's productions and things like it) I don't really watch it. I don't follow modern media. There's many reasons for this, but I'm going to address one singular thing that stands true: I absolutely fucking hate HDTV.

Seriously. Fuck this high-res rectangle horse shit. How do you people stare at this shit all day? Why the fuck do you want to be able to see people's pores so clearly?

It's like, you get some boring dickhead on Ellen's shitty show sitting there talking about selfies or whatever and you can see every ingrown hair on his beard in higher quality than you would ever see in real life with your eyes. It's fucking horrible. The only benefit of high definition video has been animation and stuff made to be watched while you're on acid. That's it.

Plus, remember when TV actually had like... designs and shit? Crazy, right? Seriously. Let's just compare.

This is the Pepsi logo from 2006.


Look at the detail on this. It's simple, but it has gloss to it. It's got texture. It looks like it's wet. It's honestly pretty beautiful.

Here's the Pepsi logo now.


What the fuck happened? Why is it that the higher quality TV gets, the shittier the designs of graphics and interfaces get? You have so much more potential now to show immense detail and creativity and everything looks so barren and simple.

Here's a WWF logo from 1999.


Again. Look how much character there is here. So much design and creativity. Now here's one from 2020.


Like... what the fuck? Where's the goddamn presentation?

...well, maybe I'm being too harsh. Maybe I should try to adjust to the times. So you know what? That hand drawn logo that this website uses? As of right now, it's gone. No more. Instead, I'm using this modernized logo to appeal to millennials.


Fucking assholes. You killed TV.

Fuck this. Watch an episode of Miley Cyrus: Street Justice.