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If You Can't Recognize Satire, Stop Breathing


Date: March 23rd, 2020

Written by: Majin Tween

You know... I become more and more heartless and evil as time passes, but it's not my fault. Have you seen people? Holy fucking shit. They're fucking retarded.

Here's the latest thing to piss me off today: people who can't recognize satire/comedy/jokes/humor. It drives me up the fucking wall.

This isn't Smarkitude, but I'm going to drop a wrestling reference here because the post that has annoyed me is this joke tweet basically saying that the Stone Cold/Booker T supermarket brawl was footage of a coronavirus-scare fight breaking out in a store.


Is it funny? Kinda. I smirked, had a tee, but not quite a hee. But then I scrolled down... and holy fucking shit. I'm so fucking annoyed.


Holy motherfucking shit. Why are these people alive? What fucking purpose to these applesauce-brained pieces of shit have? They get to vote? They make decisions? They're more respected in society than I am? They're fucking retards. They don't even deserve to be alive. This is fucking stupid. These people should be ground up and converted into food and fed to people who actually have a shot of doing something productive in society. I can't fucking take it anymore. Fuck these goddamn people.

Seriously. If you are so stupid you can't grasp obvious satire, you should be killed.


By the government.

And Chuck Norris.