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Insane Clown Posse: The Shockumentary


Date: June 17th, 2019

Written by: Majin Tween


I like the Insane Clown Posse. They're phenomenal comedians. We have Juggalo Championship Wrestling DVDs, I have some ICP albums and now we have this VHS of ICP: The Shockumentary.

(Not to be confused with Party Monster: The Shockumentary. The kids on the ICP one are somehow gayer.)

The Shockumentary kicks off with a shot of a suburban house with a bunch of white kids who are hyped as shit for ICP. Apparently ICP "autographted" some of his merch. Posters, comics and other ICP stuff decorates their entire house. I bet that house smells like a fat kid's Xbox controller.

One of the fans explains "Right after their first album they got out of the traditional hip hop and became wicked clowns... I'unno."

Well said, sir.


One young Juggalo has Juggalucked out because his dad totally supports his ICP habit. That's beautiful. He's got an ICP sticker on his car and the dad says he just wants to bond with his son so he's willing to support it. That's pretty cool. Plus that windbreaker is totally rad.


I did have Faygo once back in like 2010. It tasted like someone took a flat bottle of Mug root beer, spit like 40 loogies in it and mixed it up. It sucked ass. But it doesn't look like they're drinking it. They're mostly spraying it at each other and showering in it. Maybe that's the only true way to have it.

Returning to the I'Unno Fan, he says "Most of the ICP songs have swearing in them--- which makes them even cooler." Heck yeah. Swearing is cool as crud!

A group of dumbass concerned activists or whatever are shown discussing ICP, and one fat white bitch goes "Disney's got homosexuals and lesbians makin' cartoons now, and if you look at the Little Mermaid box it's got penises on it."

Your genius is showing.

The documentary's credits roll as they scan the line outside an ICP concert and a Juggalo in an nWo shirt flips off the camera and yells "FUCK YOU!"

A fitting end to a beautiful story of making it on your own without selling out.