Pineapple Fanta

Date: August 16th, 2021

I'm pretty sure that pineapple fanta is actually God's bong water.

Dude. Like, are you shitting me? Why would anyone drink anything that isn't pineapple fanta. Are you guys fucking stupid? Do you have any morals? Any fucking decency? How do you sleep at night? You piece of shit. You think you're better than me?

You wanna fight? You want me to pour all your non-pineapple sodas on the ground and screech like a pterodactyl into the abyss? I'll do it. I don't fuck around. I'm the genuine article. I do what I gotta do.

I'm sure some people would say they don't care for pineapple soda. But those people are worthless pieces of human shit and they will be ground up into dust and fed to the strong during the coming months after the apocalypse.

You people make me sick. You're all a bunch of degenerate pieces of garbage. You live these shallow lives where you suck off billionaires for pretending to care about you. But I really do care about you. What is my reward? You not drinking the sodas I tell you to like. It's garbage. I hate you. I resent you. Enough is enough. Drink the fucking soda before I punch a baby in the soft spot.

Pineapple fanta is better than you. Pineapple fanta fucks your wife while you're at work.