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10/29/2019sm64icon Super Mario 64:
Big Boo's Haunt
9/24/2019vgicon RetroSpection:
Mario Golf
9/23/2019sm64icon Super Mario 64:
Jolly Roger Bay
9/15/2019pokemonicon Pokemon Red:
Welcome to Kanto
8/29/2019vgicon RetroSpection:
Mario Tennis
8/26/2019vgicon RetroSpection:
Crazy Frog: Arcade Racer
8/4/2019sm64icon Super Mario 64:
Cool, Cool Mountain
7/29/2019vgicon RetroSpection:
Waluigi's Taco Stand
7/22/2019zooticon Ocarina of Time:
Hyrule Castle
7/2/2019vgicon RetroSpection:
Mario Kart 7
6/17/2019vgicon RetroSpection:
6/10/2019vgicon RetroSpection:
Lizzie McGuire: On The Go
6/5/2019vgicon RetroSpection:
Mario Party
6/2/2019vgicon RetroSpection:
Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Advance
5/11/2019vgicon RetroSpection:
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
5/8/2019vgicon RetroSpection:
Tigger's Honey Hunt
4/21/2019sm64icon Super Mario 64:
Whomp's Fortress
4/6/2019vgicon RetroSpection:
Detective Pikachu (3DS)
4/4/2019vgicon RetroSpection:
Ermii Kart DS
4/1/2019vgicon RetroSpection:
Super Smash Bros.
3/28/2019zooticon Ocarina of Time:
Kokiri Forest
3/15/2019sm64icon Super Mario 64:
Bob-Omb Battlefield
3/15/2019vgicon RetroSpection:
Super Mario Bros. 64
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