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Mario Kart DS: N64 Circuit


Date: March 20th, 2020

Written by: Majin Tween

Last night, I dug out my old Nintendo DSi, which I almost never used, and decided to mod it. This has turned it into one of my new favorite things to play with, but what makes it really cool is I can download DS games to it and they'll just run.

I do happen to own a lot of Nintendo DS games, but now I can play any I don't happen to have... as well as any ROM hacks that I come across. And I just found one that seems really, really cool.

It's called Mario Kart DS: 64 Circuit. It takes the Mario Kart DS engine and puts all the Mario Kart 64 tracks in it. I shit you not.

My first criticism is of the title screen. It is an MS paint mess. It sucks. It looks like hot garbage. But, that gives it a real homebrew flare. So I kind of like it. But let's get into the game itself.


For some reason, they made Luigi be the same color as baby vomit, and Yoshi became yellow. Not sure what that's about. But fuck it. Whatever.

Also, Toad has been replaced with Shy Guy... I don't hate it.

The first track is, of course, Luigi Circuit... not... Luigi Raceway... erm...

But... I thought this was supposed to be based on the N64 tracks... this isn't... um...

I mean, it's well made. It's cohesive. But this isn't what it said on the tin. It's like if I bought a can of spaghettios but it was full of apple sauce. I'd be confused, but not totally upset I guess.

That's how I feel now.

The next level is... Riverside Plaza... which again, is a fine level. Damn good, actually. But what the fuck does this have to do with Mario Kart 64?

Okay. Fuck this. You clearly don't give a shit about anything so neither do I. Fucking shit.

The next level is who-the-fuck-cares. I'm leaving this fucking cup I'm racing on and I'm going to goddamn----

WAIT. Okay. If you go town to EXTRA Grand Prix, all the N64 levels are down there. Okay. That makes way more sense now. I feel kind of stupid, but that's because I am.

The Nintendo 64 levels are really faithfully recreated, with the Nintendo DS flavor adding some cute charm to each one. I actually really recommend snagging this ROM hack and sticking it on your modded DS. If you want to play some classic tracks from other games as well as the N64 one, this is a fantastic grab. It feels like DLC, except free, so it's actually good. This is a 100% recommendation from me.