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Posted: March 24th, 2021

I never liked social media. I always just wanted to have my site be my own central hub, but I got it in my head that there was no way I'd be successful if I did this. So I tried to play the Twitter game, by bringing my Neocities-era bullshit over there to just be a gigantic psychotic bitch and try to make people laugh in their feeds.

But I forgot, it's 2021 and this is the era when people dictate to you what you're allowed to find funny.

Twitter had already been removing some of my episode announcements and not letting people see them, which is bullshit because I work harder on RaccoonTV episodes than any of those talentless jizzbags they hand out verified checkmarks to. But that's the climate. If you have a talent and you believe in yourself, they're going to burn you alive because they truly believe that today's youth doesn't have the motivation to do anything and that millennials/gen z are SO SENSITIVE that they will just bow and accept defeat.

Not me.

If anything, this was probably the last thing you should have done. I'm at my best when I'm mad, and you just gave me the excuse I need to bring back my Neocities style content in ADDITION to weekly RaccoonTV broadcasts. Yes, you're still going to get video chaos... but you're also going to get me being a complete cunt with no reprocussions. No moderator rules. I'm the moderator here, and I say I can do whatever I want.

I had to create a new Twitter account (click here) since so many of you refuse to just go to my site and only find out about updates when I tweet them, which is it's own barrel of worms. But I want to go into detail a little bit on why I got banned.

You see, I outed a pedophile, and because Twitter loves pedophiles, they opted to ban ME for pointing out that he basically declared it openly, and did nothing to ban him despite the fact that HE'S A LITERAL THREAT TO CHILDREN.

No. I didn't "edit" this. His weirdo friends are trying to say I did, but I didn't. And he deleted the tweet right after I screenshotted it. Child predators are disgusting, vile human beings and I don't give a fuck. I'll burn this dude down. I'll pee on his family. I'll pee on him. I'll just pee. brb.

You can block me, but you can't block Chris Hansen from coming to your house.

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