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2019 was the launch year for Human Raccoon! In the early stages of becoming a multimedia demoness hell-bent on resurrecting the Y2K virus, we were a fairly humble little online publication that slowly started gaining a small cult following.

This inaugural issue of Human Raccoon Electronic Magazine takes the articles that survived the 2020 rebranding of Human Raccoon and combines them into one issue!

Welcome to Human Raccoon Electronic Magazine. Get Strange.
Entertainment News:
Did Kevin Spacey Just Kill a Dude? (12/26/2019)
Three of Kevin Spacey's accusers have died in the same span of time. This is fucking insane.
Album Review:
She Is Coming (12/25/2019)
Miley Cyrus has a brand new album out... and it's boring granolacore.
Kylie Rae Harris Is Dead (And I'm Glad) (12/7/2019)
...and some guy is duct taping bananas to canvases and making money for some reason.
VHS Review:
The Matrix (11/30/2019)
Latex clothing and industrial music. Everything society should be.
PSX/N64 Review:
Elmo's Letter Adventure (11/25/2019)
I don't think any child ever learned anything from this game.
VHS Review:
Good Burger (11/15/2019)
Why get a job at a burger joint when you can watch a movie about a burger joint?
TV Movie Review:
A Tale of Two Coreys (9/26/2019)
Hollywood is a cesspool of disgusting pieces of shit. Here's a movie about it.
VHS Lost Gem:
Blink of an Eye (9/4/2019)
Dude. Michael Pare fucking rules.
N64 Review:
Mario Tennis (8/29/2019)
Princess Peach is going to smack the shit out of your balls.
PS2 Review:
Crazy Frog Arcade Racer (8/26/2019)
A strange techno-music mascot with drooping testicles gets his own family racing game.
DVD Review:
Dawn of Justice (6/11/2019)
The shittiest superhero movie I've ever seen.
Entertainment News:
Hilary Duffs Drinks Her Own Placenta (6/10/2019)
This isn't clickbait. Hilary Duff drank her own fucking placenta.
VHS Review:
Switching Goals (6/7/2019)
A boys-only soccer team goes co-ed to give girls the opportunity to PROVE they suck at sports.
PSX/N64 Review:
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (5/11/2019)
The greatest gaming franchise of all time had to start somewhere.
N64/PSX Review:
Tigger's Honey Hunt (5/8/2019)
Take a trip to the McDonald's N64 kiosk and have your intelligence insulted by how easy this game is.
Political News:
Steve King Seemingly Thinks Jesus Was a Racist, I Guess (4/24/2019)
I don't know who Steve King is but he's a fucking lunatic.
Nintendo DS Review:
Ermii Kart DS (4/4/2019)
A Nintendo DS hack that had a lot of potential, but squandered it on meme culture.
DVD Review:
Creed (3/29/2019)
A man fucked a woman who wasn't his wife. Imagine that.
DVD Review:
John Wick (3/21/2019)
You don't need a plot as long as you kill a puppy.
Entertainment News:
The Most Brainwashed a Woman Can Get (3/15/2019)
Your disposable razors think you're a problematic dickhead.