Date Posted: June 16th, 2021

Where do I begin. Well I'm XxVampireCthulhuxX. You can call me VC for short. I'm a Lovecraftian God. I was a 90's kid + 00s era teenager. I really like Alien Vampires. No.... Maybe I can start with how this is an exciting opportunity to be apart of the legend that is human raccoon dot com. I really like making casual reviews. And I think I can appeal to the niche demographic of people who want barely passable grammar reviews of stuff no one cares about.

Am interested in dropping some takes on various games, movies, and anime (Retro leaning preferably).

Maybe drop music recommendations too.

I tend to lean to the edgy side so you know, Alien Vampires :).

For some reason I enjoy autistically dissecting things I like and dislike. It's fun to me. So reviews are appealing.

I think I've gone on long enough.

So for my first article, I wanna talk about something I have been reading pretty intently lately. But it'll be a bit weird because it's a genre I don't normally take to. Shoujo. Usually the focus is romance and that isn't my biggest interest. I prefer hentai and doujin because you know there's a payoff. But even then I'm picky. I think I'm focusing on this too much ok moving on.

So I was...early to mid teens and this was back when there were physical editions of Shounen Jump there would also be some others that I would see in the magazine isle. I started seeing Shoujo Beat. Decided to pick it up because you know, weeb and "Why not?". Most of the series featured in them I didn't take a liking to. In fact I barely remember any of them except 4. Godchild, Vampire Knight, Absolute Boyfriend, and Nana. Godchild is actually my favorite of them and one of my favorite series overall. It's basically Black Butler before Black Butler and it's almost annoying no one talks about it. Vampire Knight was ok but I remember skimming through raws and not seeing enough things in it that interested me. Absolute Boyfriend was kinda boring? I'll never read it again.

Ahh...this was a Nana article right? So funny enough I think the first Nana chapter I ever saw was..chapter 2. And I kinda brushed it off then. Randomly in 2021 I decided of all the series I have queued up, Nana would be whatI'd finally try out. It feels like this quiet cult classic...maybe I just don't have enough girlfriends to talk about it with or to have kept the series on my radar.

Going back into it now it took me by surprise in a lot of ways. I don't know why but I expected something more...simplistic. But every aspect is pretty complicated with this series. If I could crudely summarize Nana: "Everyone on earth is part of some love triangle. Or a love galaxy". Each character has some complex nature going on with them. Several characters touch upon possessiveness. Over dependency. Various forms of toxic relationships and people. I could go on. But I feel the series is good at humanizing all these people. Even the ones that are kinda shitty.

One of my favorite characters is named Yasu. He's kinda fascinating. At the point where I am he more or less opened up about what he's all about. Essentially he's a guy who just wants everyone he cares about to be happy more than he wants to actually be in a relationship with someone. He can date but he acts against what he wants if he thinks it's what someone he cares about needs.

Of all the characters to spotlight though I dunno why I chose Yasu when most likely the person people would wanna hear about is the iconic Nana. How is she? Well she's great. And very at war with herself in many ways. Her costar, also named Nana but nicknamed Hachi, she's fascinating in her own way but it took a long time for me to like her much. I wouldn't say I hated her though. And she was always a fascinating and written to be flawed character even when I wasn't quite personally warmed up to her.

I was half tempted to speak about each character but I feel like it'd be too long and I don't know if the humanraccoon audience would be interested in actually reading this series. I mainly chose it because it's a new experience that's fresh in my mind and I felt it would be a good stretch for writing on here. Truthfully I really do enjoy Nana but sometimes I feel like the extreme focus on romance actually turns me off a bit. Which sounds weird right? Maybe it's because I'm a dumb anime brain and I want guns and fighting or maybe it's because normally I don't seek this genre out. Though I can't deny that in ways, life can actually resemble this manga. Friend groups do tend to get weird tensions eventually. Usuaully romantic complications. I know it's proven to be true for me at least.

But it would be dishonest if I implied that's ALL this series is. But it really is the biggest focus imo. Messages about different kinds of relationships. Which makes the romance at least actually interesting.

Anyway I never promised my articles would be the most articulate or the best but hopefully I'm off to a good start.

This song is what I now associate with Nana.

Edit: Forgot to mention the nightmare of reading this in order. This is one of those manga where errors in the upload travel to all the various places it has been uploaded. I would be reading, and something would feel off. Who are these 5 new characters. Wait they're married? What the fuck is going on. And I'd have to dig and dig till I could find a site where shit was kinda normal. Some sites don't have the pre story chapters or intros. Some don't have the chapter where Nana and Hachi meet. And some are randomly missing a chuni of 10 chapters. Fuck.