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Mailbag (January 20th, 2020)

Date: January 20th, 2020

It's hard to explain, but you've been an inspiration for a few years now. I've gotten rid of Twitter, but I still check out your posts there and on this site, and use you as an example when I tell the youngsters at work what the old internet was like. It's cool to see people out there like me who still want VHS, or like old school stuff. I see no reason to just leave that all behind, because it's [current year]. You're an awesome person.
Jeremiah, via email

Well thank you for the kind words. I'm glad that Human Raccoon can be a semi-emulator of what the old web was like for you to point to. It is absolutely true that pretty much every movie I watch is on VHS (we've got shelves and boxes packed to the brim with them and I'm trying to use some of the interesting stuff for RCN. I firmly believe that the flavor of old media, be it film/tv/internet, is vastly superior to the empty crap being endlessly shoveled into people's faces nonstop these days. My goal isn't for this to be a "nostalgia site" though, but more take all these lost flavors and create something new with them. I believe the evolution of entertainment can be a forked road, and I want this world/subculture we've got brewing here to be an option for people who are sick of being told what to like or how to exist. So I'm glad you're on board! Stay tuned because I've got way more coming very soon.

Hey, first off, huge fan of the site. As someone who feels totally out of place in the modern world, I'm glad somewhere as fun and as weird as this exists. Just wanted to ask if you were possibly planning any kinda merch stuff, would love a Human Raccoon sticker for one of my guitars or something.

Keep doing what you're doing, I really appreciate it!
Drew, via email

While I definitely think merch for Human Raccoon will at some point be a factor because, let's face it, this place rules. Right now my focus is on getting an audience and community in the door in the first place. Right now we're so underground that we barely exist. But if we can achieve more popularity, gain some traction, then totally. But until then, feel free to make your own bootleg stuff. Here's a .png of our logo so you can make your own sticker. And hey, if you manage to get one made, send me a picture! I'd love to share it on the site.