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Date: November 12th, 2019


From: QtP

You've mentioned being Buddhist a few times in your articles. Is that true or is it just another running joke?

Back when I mentioned that I'd say I was, but my beliefs have grown beyond those teachings of that overly-passive reincarnation fetishist. I don't really value most lives anymore. I've started to think most people are instinct-driven disposable amoebas. I used to have at least a slight amount of hope for people, where I'd get sad that society was a certain way. Now I'm just a misanthropist who doesn't give a fuck. I've given up on almost everyone.

Not to say I don't try to help people / do the right thing, but I'm still like "ugh fuck these people" when confronted with it. Which isn't very zen, but that's just how I feel when I see people flushing themselves down the toilet everywhere I look.


From: Jeremiah

What are your thoughts on the Ernest movies?

I think they're alright. I actually just rewatched Erniest Scared Stupid to reupdate myself to his work so I could properly analyze his scriptwriting, performance and nuances.

I think it's fantastic that you can make a career out of smoker's throat and on-screen caricaturized aspergers. Jim Varney had that shit nailed. You'd believe he was genuinely a fucking idiot. Why? Because he was talented.

Three Ninjas Four fucking sucks.