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Date: September 28th, 2019


From: Gwen

What do you think about this recent wave of nostaglia in newer games? There's lots of new games being made designed to give the feel and vibe of old games, but making that feeling better, too. Check out Shovel Knight and a Hat in Time if you're interested.

I'm definitely in favor of newer games being made in older styles. I mean, the only reason I'm not into modern gaming is that it got too far away from the types of games I like to play. I'm turned off by the complicated controls, long tutorials, long-ass cutscenes and more.

Even in games I like for the Nintendo 64 like Zelda and Donkey Kong 64, I get annoyed at how long the cutscenes can be sometimes... even though they spend far more time on gameplay than a lot of modern games I've seen.


From: @glassStag

Just went through a maze of ish to find your Vidlii, to find your neocities and wow - what a mindfuck. What's the crux of your e-persona?

Well, my e-persona is a reflection of my real self. Growing up in the late 90s/early 2000s was something I enjoyed, and then as I got older and time happened I became more and more disconnected from the way the world around me was. This meant that in addition to being out-of-touch with society and mainstream culture, I started running into all kinds of things that I liked. This created the whole Human Raccoon name. It's a play on the scavenging of a raccoon. While they'll grab whatever food and other stuff they can to survive, I grab whatever forms of entertainment, fashion and culture interest me and put them all together into my own little odd package.

In addition to that I'm endlessly bothered by many unaddressed problems in society, but my years of rambling and ranting about it never made an impact so I decided to just focus on making myself happy. So I created my own world, I create stuff in the way I want to see it and I don't really care about the outside world too much. I am trying to grow this site but I'm not willing to sellout or compromise my personality to do it.