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Date: October 28th, 2019


From: David S.

your website is literally a time capsule. a time capsule representing a time that i wish that i can go back to. thank you

I absolutely understand where you're coming from, and I'm glad my site envoked those fuzzy feelings of warmth inside. I try to live by a mindset that reality is subjective. While, yes, when I go out into the world I often have to deal with the changes society has made and the fact that it's completely different from every bit of media and culture that I take in with my friends and in my personal life, I still mostly successfully exist in this reality bubble. Especially considering my recent ban from Twitter (which I'm extremely grateful for. Seriously. I feel like they freed me from even having to consider trying to fit into that world.), I now have the freedom to completely ignore the outside world. I think readers of this site are going to be extremely happy to see what's coming now that I have been completely unplugged (thus far for about 3 weeks now.)


From: Astrud

Well, there's resillience, and then there's Sarah. Miss Majin Tween. Even though sometimes she's not the most agreeable person in the world, she can stick with something she believes in better than anyone I've ever seen. And quite frankly, I think that speaks for itself. But how could it? Most people wouldn't bother to really look for this resillience unless I explained it, so here it comes: Life has been harsh. Life has been downright cruel to you, and that's the truth. And yet, you still hold onto yourself and your beliefs; and even though I don't agree with most of them, I respect that you are able to do that, despite recieving flak from seemingly everyone. Don't ever let go of that resillience, because it could lead you to do great things.

You know who tipped this chick off to my tragic backstory?

You guessed it. Frank Stallone.


I mean, sure. I've told stories about my mom screeching like an autistic pterodactyl in my youth, or how I'm consistently treated like garbage by uh... everyone. But I don't think it really affected me any. I just like to laugh. Like that guy with the clown makeup in the movie. I only hope I can get invited onto a talk show some day so I can really hit his nuances.