Devil Without a Cause

Date: October 13th, 2021

You knew that I was cummin' 'cause you moaned by name. that's inappropriate. I'm sorry. It was the first thing that CAME to mind. Haha. Zing.

Kid Rock's Devil Without a Cause is an integral part of the humanRaCcoOn lore!

How? Why? Because there's a lyric in the song that goes "my motto? Be cool." which inspired the little text on the bottom of the page that says that's been there since 2017.

This review has been a long time coming, so I'm glad it finally broke. Like an egg yolk, yo. But I'm not trying to egg you on. I'm just jokin'. Havin' a laugh. A giggle. A teehee. Ticklin' my self pink, yo.

Kid Rock says he "ain't no sellout." Which is ironic, considering he only started doing raprock when it became popular and then switched to country when it fell out of favor. His concerts have to be like an acid trip, just bouncing around genres so aggressively. So when he says "same game, same name, ain't a damn thing changed" I have to say that's some hilarious irony considering he'd be whining about a picture of Sheryl Crow just a few years later.

When he says "I already did what most love to shout, seven years on wax and I still ain't sold out." I feel that. I too have been alive for about seven years and haven't sold out yet. This song is so relatable. Thank you, Kidward Rockington.

Mr. Rock then reveals that he's got "love for honkeys" and that he will beat the shit out of anyone who fucks with them, which comes off as trying to incite a race riot. That's probably not true, I mean it's not like he got on stage and said he wanted to "bodyslam a democrat" or anything. He's probably not a racist who appropriated rap music from black people and then dumped it when he realized he could get a slot in white people music.

The real star of this song is Joe C, who pops in with his little child voice dropping lines like "got more game than Coleco" and "three foot nine, with a ten foot dick!" Like, are you shitting me? He's way better than Kid Rock. He should have been the star of the entire album. Kid Rock could never do what Joe C did.

Besides, what does "devil without a cause" even mean? Kid Rock isn't the devil. He just worships the devil. It's like me saying I'm an Olsen twin. But man, if I were the devil I'd totally have a cause. I'd be all evil and stuff. Doing Hell stuff, not giving a heck. I don't give a fuck. I'd be the best devil ever. I love torturing bad people. I do it all the time!
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