Do Somethin'

Date: January 26th, 2022

I gotta stop being lazy. Gotta start updating my site again. Keep the flow goin'. I can't always wait for Kid Rock to go unhinged and record a rap rock song, I gotta make my own headlines. Head out on my own. Be a drifter. I gotta... do somethin'.

...yeah! That's it. Let's DO SOMETHIN'.

Apparently this music video was made purely by Britney in like five hours because the label didn't want anything to do with it as a single. So she said, "fuck it. I'll do somethin'."

I don't totally know what's going on in the music video for Do Somethin' by Britney Spears.

But it's got a weird, spiral Y2K tunnel and Britney looking good as fuck (as always) so I'm all in.

For some reason the metal doors say MONA LISA. Is that Britney saying this video is her Mona Lisa? Or does she want to make Lisa moan while she's fucks Amy.

The rainbow light effects in this video look like they're straight out of Windows Movie Maker... my old stomping grounds. e_e

Britney and her friends end up driving a flying pink truck through the sky. Also, when she says "do somethin'" it sounds like "do Sutton." Like Tim Sutton from Marble Hornets. Did he bang Britney? Lucky asshole.

This video is making me want to do situps. I'm too much a fat slut to be as cool as Britney.

Don't just stand there, weight loss fairy! Do somethin'!

They wind up arriving at a club to perform for a crowd of ghoulish guys who look like they have 100tb of encrypted porn in a bank vault out-of-state.

Can you imagine how gay the jews were that told Britney "no, we don't care about you doing a music video where you're literally in your underwear playing air guitar." Unfucking real. I hate these asexual corporate lizards.

What the fuck is your literal problem? Fuck you. I hate you.

We almost never got this and I needed this dopamine rush to get me through the day. Blow a goat.
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