My Favorite Mistake

Date: October 15th, 2020

Hooh boy. I hate this music video. It makes me want to kill myself.

We're three seconds in and she's squeezing her head. Why?

Are the voices too powerful?

You've got to embrace the voices. Even if they're dominatrixes who make you lick toilet seats.

Just roll with it. God has a plan for everything.

Seriously though. She's writhing around like a fucking weirdo. What are you doing? Waiting for the kratom to kick in?

Look. I get it. I had to go on a two day road trip and the withdrawals take over. I slept twenty straight hours. It's okay. You'll be alright.

Or maybe... just maybe... it's just the sheer power of heterosexuality coursing through her veins. She's so cock enthralled that it's taking over her entire essence.

She's standing like a creepypasta monster.

Like you see her in a dark alley right before your VHS camcorder starts glitching out and then you wake up somewhere else.

I woke up and called this morning. The tone of your voice was a warning--- that you don't care for me anymore.

Well you're writhing around like a fucking iguana.

Who would want to deal with that shit?

I made up the bed we sleep in. I looked at the clock when you creeped in. It's 6am and I'm alone.

That's because he had to go return some videotapes.

Don't be so paranoid. You're dating a guy. Nobody wants to have sex with those. They're gross.

Did you know, when you go, it's the perfect ending to the bad day I was just beginning.

Wait, so I'm confused. Does this mean you're happy that he's leaving? Or that he's properly finished off your shitty day? Because either way. It's hard to get good linearity anymore. You should be grateful.

You know, I was about to ponder if I was my mom's favorite mistake but I think she liked my sister more.

Your friends all feel sorry for me. They watch you pretend to adore me. But I'm no fool to this game.

Well hey. You should be flattered that he's even bullshitting you at all. He could totally just not care at all. Look at Madonna's boyfriend in the Borderline music video I took a look at recently. He didn't even pretend to give a shit about her. You're doing better than she is, at least.

But yeah. That's the entire video. This crazy bitch just writhing around and bitching about her boyfriend.

Just dump his ass.
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