Get Strange

Date: September 27th, 2021

The song "Get Strange" by Hubert Kah was the original theme song to humanRaCcoOn

This was back during simpler times when this site was called .::humanraccoon::.


The song was featured on the soundtrack to the HIT MOVIE Rad, which is about a guy who rides a bicycle. In fact, that's all he does. But that's a story for another time.

When I was trying to figure out what I wanted the general aura of humanRaCcoOn to be, Get Strange was immediately like "...oh fuck. Yeah. Totally." It used to autoplay on the homepage back when the site was on Neocities!

You never may know if you're in or you're out. You better fit in with the folks around.

Hell yeah. I'm all about fitting in, looking normal, not making a fashion statement.

Wait... where have I heard that before?

Get strange. Let me show the way.

See, this lyric fits into my Christ complex. I'm here to save you miserable bastards only so you can drive nails through my hands and call me a whore.

You never may know if you're up or you're down. You're not really sure what it's all about.

This is one of those hindsight moments, because like... I don't think most of you fuckers know what it's all about. It's like the hokey pokey.

I've had people come in with theories about episodes of raCcoOnTV that are wildly out of left field where I'm like "...where the fuck did you get that idea from?" and then I go back and rewatch stuff with that narrative in my head and I'm like "ahhh shit yeah I can see why you thought that." Your incorrect viewpoints are valid. uwu

I feel bad about the guy who spent time putting together an analysis Tumblr for my site and then deleted it after I told him his analysis was wrong. I'M SORRY, SIR.

Anyway. It's good that the people were talking when I gave them a show, but may you people have warmth in your igloos, oil in your lamps, and peace in your heart. Bitch.
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