Date: October 16th, 2020

Night Club has a new single out called Gossip, which absolutely rules.

The video hits certain surreal vibes that flow really well if you're high on research chemicals (I assume). It's got spooky Scooby Doo vibes, except it doesn't suck.

Scooby Doo sucks.

Night Club has become one of my favorite music groups as of late, and with bops like this coming out, it's pretty clear that they're not going to stop shoving their music dick in my ears, and it's a welcome thrust.

Plus, not many girls can pull off the all-pink look. I usually recommend darker latex for your daily wear, but the lead singer Emily Kavanaugh has proven that some can rock lighter colors and make it look damn good.

It's the second single off the album "Die Die Lullaby", which released on October 9th. Check it out if you're into gothic electronic music (which you should be, because it rules.)

It's very rare that I listen to an entire album and like every track on it--- but Night Club actually has done that with every album they've put out. Most times I go through albums, pick out the few songs that I like off of it and keep them in my music collection, but Night Club is the only band that I've actually got their entire discography saved. That says something if my picky ass likes them all.

...that sounds gross. Picky ass? Sounds like an ass that's covered in scabs.

I've seen some pretty gross butts in my day. We live in a time where everyone takes lewd pictures of themselves regardless of if they take care of themselves. I don't seek this shit out. It's everywhere. If you use the internet, you're going to trip over people's nasty pictures of themselves.

You'd think that with the invention of OnlyFans that shit would stop, but it hasn't. You've got people organizing their grotesque nudity now. Where it's like, "oh here's my Twitter nudes, and here's the sacred nudes that you can buy online." What's the difference? I'm looking at your beef flaps either way, and most people don't even look good naked.

Nudity should be illegal. Even if you're cute, I don't care.

There's so many people who aren't cute that it would balance out and would actually bring some sort of sacredness back to seeing someone attractive with their clothes off. Remember when you were a teenage lesbian and you'd sneak into your living room while your mom's asleep and watch softcore porn on HBO because you lived deep in the woods and her rich friend hooked you up with Dish Network just because she also had it at her house next door, and since you were staying in her pool house you got to reap the benefits?

No? Just me? Damn my anime backstory.

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