Artist: Weird Al

Song: Hardware Store

Featured In: Psycho Therapy

Weird Al's Poodle Hat album might be cursed. I'm not sure. When I bought it, I took it home and was playing it in my bedroom (that I was sharing with my mom at the time) and we heard a huge crash outside. When we ran outside to see what had happened, we saw that there was a huge car wreck outside in this otherwise very normal street. When we ran out to look at it, my mom looked down at me and screamed "what the fuck!?" because my clothes were stained in blood.

The funny thing is, she checked all over me and couldn't find a cut on me. Wherever that blood came from, it wasn't mine. And it wasn't from the wreck, because I was way too far away from it. So where did the blood come from? To this day, I don't know.

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