Hollaback Girl

Date: October 15th, 2021

What exactly is a "Hollaback Girl"? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough ra-raing! Have at you!

Gwen Stefani's solo music career is something that semi-triggered No Doubt fans, I think. Her move to pop music from pop music with guitars was something that didn't sit well with some people, but I don't care. She's got cute tunes and this is one of them.

This song is bananas. No joke.

It starts out sounding like some cheerleader stuff, with Gwen addressing the audience and allowing them into her twisted mind. She is NOT a hollaback girl. What is a hollaback girl? No idea. Fuck off.

According to the computer, this song was written because Courtney Love said some r00d stuff about Gwen being a cheerleader, so Gwen was like "I will literally become a cheerleader and shove that right up your ass." So really, we have to thank Courtney for this. It's actually crazy how many good songs she has been responsible for, none of which she wrote or peformed.

It's kinda like a Joker origin story. Gwen took insults hurled at her and turned them around and used them as a positive. That's exactly how you should always do it. If a bully comes at you with some shit, take whatever they hurled at you and make it yours. "Raccoon" wasn't a flattering nickname when I first got called it, and Gwen getting compared to a cheerleader was initially derogative. Play chess with these fuckers playing checkers. Don't let anyone mistreat you.

The song itself isn't exactly wrapped in mysticism or depth. It's literally just "this bitch said some shit about me and I'm gonna shove it up her ass." How can I not support that? I think everyone should take a page out of the Book of Stefani, crumple it up and throw it at that idiot who said you're ugly or stupid or gay or dumb or unattractive or homosexual or idiotic or horrific looking or--- what was I saying?

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