Kidz Bop

Date: January 24th, 2022

I don't really understand who Kidz Bop is supposed to be for. Like, I love it. I love getting ridiculously high on various substances and blast Kidz Bop covers of my favorite songs. It rules.

Like, if you can't have fun listening to dumb music made for kids while you're blazed off your mom's balls, you ain't got no business in my dojo son. Get the fuck out and don't let the big gold door hit you where your Godless science split you.

But at it's core, I can't actually figure out who this is supposed to be geared at. Why do kids need to hear other kids singing songs? I had nearly no contact with anyone my own age growing up and I turned out great!

So, alright. You're probably smoking a joint. A bluntarino. You're on my site. You gotta be high on something. Research chemicals. Cat piss. Whatever your salad dressing of choice is in this bowl called life, you should be able to crank the everpissing bitch out of this fuck and get a boner or whatever you guys do on here. I don't know, I don't ask questions. I'm afraid to talk to any of you because you're all tall and intimidating and also make fun of me in group chats so I'm not totally sure how much of my Kidz Bop love I feel comfortable sharing.

You see what you do? You bullies? You make a poor, innocent lil' flower like me have to like, have self awareness and shit. The fuck is that about? I don't want self awareness. I want to live a wreckless life of saying whatever is funny at the time and not have to deal with any of the consequences. That's a fair deal. Fuck off.
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