Like a Prayer

Date: August 16th, 2021

Today is Madonna's birthday, so naturally I'm going to piss all over her because I think she's into that kinda shit.

Yes, folks. It's true. Life is a mystery. Everyone must stand alone. Madonna blew a guy on film and it felt like home.

This is Like a Prayer. A video that offended many people. From depicting an interracial relationship, to allowing a black person to be on MTV, to letting a black guy seem like Jesus---

Damn. I'm starting to think America might be fuckin' racist, yo.

And not even in the ironic "I hate racism so I'm going to make racist jokes to prove how stupid it is" way.

The video begins with Madonna running along a beach while police sirens are blaring.

Considering she's in heterosexual love, it's clear to see she has nothing going on inside her head.

A burning cross is shown to symbolize that Jesus is a flaming homo.

Speaking of flaming homos. Look at this guy,

This guy could suck the ghost out of a vaccuum bag.

So anyway. Madonna goes to church, not for Jesus, but for the huge monster cock.

She really wants to fuck this mannequin. It's like the Dane Cook bit.

Yeah. I'd make fun of that but I spend every day wishing Chobits were real.

This video is weird. It implies a man would cry.

The only liquid that leaks out of a man is precum since they only think about fucking, sex and intercourse. In that order.

Men only pretend to have emotions because women are fueled by emotions, thus it makes it easier to cockslam their beef crevices.

Like, holy fuck. Get it? This is literally retarded. I cannot express to straight women enough that men do not actually give a fuck about anything but cumming and jizzing. That is it. The only men that have feelings are secretly women who are afraid to get that surgery to turn their outie into an innie. Get one of them vajoynas that you have to water three times a day. The kind that makes poop fall out the front of your body because they dug the surgical knife a little too deep because the doctor was tripped out on ecstacy. That's the only way someone born with a penis feels anything: when they want it cut off.

It's a good scam.

I've read Cosmo articles that are like "What are men really thinking?" If you wanna know for sure, just go to Pornhub and look at the trending videos. The answer is they want to make your face look like a melted candle.

This video depicts hate crimes and racism and whatnot. Like how tf is racism real? Just stop being oppressed lmao. Just be white.

Obviously racism is wrong, unless something really bad happens like someone who happens to be a different color than you mildly inconveniences you for a few seconds. Like in traffic or whatever. You can shout any slur you want in a car as long as your windows are rolled up and you're confident you can drive faster than them.

Man. Some blue checkmark on Twitter is gonna call me garbage trash now.

Now, I personally would never say a slur. I grew up in poor neighborhoods surrounded by black people.

I thought the N word was Never, which is why you should never say never. It's the forbidden word.

Word up, my never.
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