Party Up

Date: July 22nd, 2021

Ya'll gon' make me write some stuff. Up in HERE. Up in HERE.

This entry is gonna be a little rough and personal... because DMX is actually my dad. Yes, that's shocking. But think about it. All those Mary-Kate and Ashley parties I've attended... the fact that I'm the illest rapper in the game today.

Oh, and of course: the resemblance is uncanny.

I keep trying to live my life on the DL but people keep telling me how much I look like him. Crazy times.

Anyway. I first heard Party Up by DMX in Def Jam: Vendetta and again later in How High, which are both two delightful products that I love to consume.


The video kicks off with DMX looking like an unlockable Crazy Taxi character, hile some other guy wearing the same stuff he's wearing runs off and does some crimes. DMX finds himself getting blamed for this bank robbery because he's wearing the exact same shit black.

This song is about racial profiling and how it makes you want to lose your mind up in here, up in here.

I can't relate to this oppression business. But I know someone who has. Which makes me wonder if I could.

It would probably just make me go all out up in here, up in here.

But then business gets serious, because he's getting chased by the police. But I've played enough Grand Theft Auto to know all you have to do to avoid the cops is walk into a house and stand there for a minute.

Plus the Bank of America gets some free advertising in this video.

It's probably not free.

Nothing in this world is.

Think about it, maaaaaaaaaaaan.
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