"Real World" by Matchbox 20

You ever walk a camel through a bowling alley because you wonder what it would be like if you made rain?

No? Then you won't get the subtle nuance of Matchbox 20's Real World music video.

And yes, this is a grown man wearing eyeliner. That doesn't mean he's gay. Yeah, he wants to be a superhero. But that still doesn't mean he's gay. There are a few superheroes that aren't gay. Mostly just the female ones.

They also got this beta version of Dane Cook serving meat out of a truck while he's dressed like the guy who cleans cum off the floor on a porn set.

Which also segues into the waitress with a goatee in this video.

Plus when Robert Thomas says he wants to be the head honcho while dressed as a newscaster. Are newscasters head honchos? I'm not aware of this phenomenon.

Newscasters can't tell me what to do. There's a whole COVID-19 pandemic going on right now. You think I'm gonna wear a mask over my mouth and nose? I cut a hole in that shit and wear it on the back of my head so my hair pokes out of it while I cough my flemmy AIDS spit into the mouths of small children. I don't give a fuck. The last time I checked, I woke up in a free country.

I wish the real world would just stop hassling me.

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