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Taylor Swift's Back Catalog Gets Sold


Music :: Music News :: Date: June 30th, 2019

Written by: Raccoon


Taylor Swift is apparently livid right now because some dick named Scooter Braun bought her back-catalog of music. Apparently I'm supposed to have sympathy for her. But I don't.

Taylor Swift is a musician. She (allegedly) writes her own songs. But much like every other granolacore singing musician on the radio, she had to sell her soul to a corporation to get there. That means that she handed over her existence as a human being to become a product that you, the consumer, can purchase and take in.

I'm supposed to have sympathy for somebody because the generic and shitty music they crank out to brainwash the masses got sold from one corporation to another? Who gives a fuck? The effect this music has on people is fucking terrible. I've witnessed it.

I'm sure you're sitting there like, "What are you talking about you horse-faced bitch?" And I'll tell you. I've seen young girls be completely brainwashed by Taylor Swift songs specifically. They abandon all hopes of becoming anything in life. They have no passions. They have no career aspirations or life goals. They only care about being in relationships. That's it.

I know of a girl who was so enamored by Taylor Swift (And frequently called herself a "Swiftie", who let some autistic sociopath fly over to her house, shove his dick in her mouth and then dump her for being "too fat." She's now this fucking destroyed, shattered shell of a human being because she bought into what the modern media is selling. And you want me to have sympathy for the puppet that was a piece of this nonsense? That's like asking me to have sympathy for the broken condom that led to the Anti-Christ's birth because someone threw a brick at his dick and it hurt.

Not only do I not "stand with Taylor", I don't respect her. I have the utmost sympathy for her fans who don't have the mental capacity to snap out of the house of mirrors that they find themselves in. They've bought into an illusion and they don't even realize what it's done to them because they don't know any better.

Fuck Taylor Swift, fuck the radio and fuck the greedy billionaires who perpetuate this nonsense.

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