The Way I Am

Date: October 17th, 2021

Rapping star Eminem went through a bit of being upsetty spaghetti because he became famous after uh... fighting his whole life to become famous. He had gotten over by rapping about his daughter, wife, real life experiences, etc. and he immediately started to regret it when he couldn't even go to the bathroom without someone busting in and being like "HEY YOU'RE THE MTV MAN ADINGDANGDEW" or whatever.

There was a point in history where, for whatever reason, Eminem had become the voice of a generation. Yeah, all of his songs were just about him, but for some reason teenagers were able to listen to his lyrics and autocorrect them in their head to be about themselves. I knew so many wiggers growing up who listened to Eminem songs and would post lyrics on MySpace slightly modified to be about themselves and their mommy issues or whatever. It was a bizarre time, but the human condition itself is a bizarre thing.

Now, don't get me wrong. I like Eminem. Great voice, he's good saying words that rhyme, and Dr. Dre made some amazing beats for him. I don't listen to him as much as I used to because I'm so tired of hearing about other people's lives that I've utterly disconnected from any music that doesn't present itself as vague enough to be about anything. But this song is really well done and is one of Eminem's many warnings to people who want to be famous that it's probably not actually worth it. It's a message I endorse. Not that I'm famous or anything, but it's a good reason as to why I don't want to be. The majority of the human population is retarded and can't handle how they're programmed to react to creators of stuff they recognize from the TV or computer or whatever. No chill, as the kids say.

Eminem had other songs like Careful What You Wish For, Stan, Bad Guy, etc. that also tackled the concept that putting yourself out there too much can be a bad thing. But that's what society has been programmed to do. Make an Instagram, turn it into a catalogue of your face, and then have some weird incel who wants to fuck you freak out and slit your throat in a car because you refuse to have sex with him. Sounds horrific, but that actually happened to someone kinda recently.

The point of this entry is: if there's something you want to do creatively, come up with a way that you can have a persona that isn't attached to yourself. Wear a mask like Daft Punk, make a VTuber style avatar, do whatever. It doesn't matter if you're attractive or not. If you're hot in real life, enjoy it in your own private life. If you're ugly as fuck, enjoy it in your own private life. Being ugly rules if you're smart enough to not try to amplify your own look. For some reason being ugly and daring to try to make yourself look better really triggers some people into wanting to scream insults at you from their car while you're walking to the store. Like when a guy pulled over while I was walking to the park, leaned out his window and said "damn bitch you're ugly as fuck!" and then just sat there in idle staring at me the entire time and then going "hey! HEY! hey!!!!" because I wouldn't look over at him.

What was the point of this? Oh yeah. Eminem's a pretty good rapper. Check out this live performance with him and Marilyn Manson!
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