We The People

Date: January 25th, 2022

Kid Rock used to be the rap rock kid of rock who rocked that bitch up and down the coast, but then he got to be in Joe Dirt and said "ok" and started singing country songs or whatever.

Today, Kid Rock decided to return to his rap rock roots and rock out a rap about that rockin' disease COVID-19.

This is legitimately the cringiest garbage I have ever heard in my life. Like, I agree that a lot of this pandemic shit has been used as a form of control on the people to make them more docile. It's the same reason music has been dumbed down progressively, paparazzi culture took precedent and my website isn't popular. It's all a conspiracy by Big Dumb to make everyone into slaves... and it's working.

But this shit? Holy fuck. This is so bad.

First of all, "let's go Brandon" is the cringiest meme I've ever seen. Mainly because it's attached to politics in the first place and that shit's gay as fuck, but even then... it's not a good diss. Just say Fuck Joe Biden. I don't care that the mainstream media tried to cover it up. They try to cover shit up all the time. Hell, they probably weren't even trying to cover it up. They were doing something they knew would rile you up and aid their cause of turning America into an arbitrary turf war.

I'm over it. I'm sick of both sides of you. You're all a bunch of cringe assholes who think you're better than the other, when you SHOULD be joining hand in hand and turning against these evil lizards in suits who want nothing more than to hold you down and fuck you in the ass.

But you won't do that. Because "hurrrdurrr that person over there is different than me!" Who gives a fuck? Every single one of you are different than me and I still nail myself to the cross every day to entertain you. How dare you?

This world is hopeless.

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