Where The Hood At?

Date: December 4th, 2021

Some men ask questions like "where is the G spot?" But DMX just asks "where the hood at?"

I think it's tremendous that the radio edit of Where The Hood At? censors the line "last I heard ya'll (THE N WORD)s was havin' sex with the same sex" to "last I heard ya'll cowards were havin' sex with the same sex."

Yes, the sacred N slur being spoken by a black person is off limits and unacceptable for the mainstream ear, but all the following lyrics bashing gay people? That's totally fine. Leave it in.

What's sad about this song is that it's really good. Great beat, great flow. But like the whole first verse is just DMX screaming homophobic shit like "how you gonna explain fuckin' a man? Even if we squash the beef, I ain't touchin' your hand." and "I show no love to homo thugs."

What's awesome is that this lady at work played the song on the jukebox while a bunch of people were there.

This is another case of "rap song where the rapper just raps about himself and how cool he is." These dudes seem massively insecure. You shouldn't have to flex how cool you are, just be cool. Like me. I'm so fucking cool and you never hear me brag about it. Because that's not my style. It would be in bad taste.

Aside from that, it's legitimately just the Homophobia National Anthem. There's a verse where he describes getting his "dogs" (that's slang for "friends", the Urban Dictionary tells me) to go beat up gay dudes. And they're like "hell yeah!!!"

Good lord. And I paid tribute to this dude in episode 22? That's gotta be the worst decision I've ever made on this show.

Anyway. If you like to beat up gay people, this is the song for you. Me? I just wanna hear the Kids Bop version.

Anyway. I'm tired. Where the bed, where the bed, where the bed at?

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