Date: August 5th, 2021

Mother fuckin' ChrisChan. Holy shit.

Alright, while I have the reputation for being an internet troll, having lurked 4chan back in like 2007 when it wasn't exclusively browsed by self-loathing homosexual incels but instead funny self-loathing homosexual incels, the ChrisChan saga is something that I never really paid attention to. Heard about it plenty, saw bits about it scrolling by. But never really focused on it.

But then our noble hero lost their virginity, and I felt that was a cause for celebration!

Wonder who the lucky gal was! ^_^

The point is, I don't like bullies. I think the harassment of ChrisChan went entirely too far. Legitimately.

Yes. They are a mess. An absolute trainwreck lolcow attention whore... that should not have been egged on to this degree. You drove an already crazy person to insanity in your endless quest for lulz. But who's lulzing now? Oh. Still you. Fair enough. It's a shitty way to behave but I get it.

Anyway. I wanted to educate myself on the lore of this lovely individual, and so I watched a 60 part documentary series about this skinny legend. Yaaaas queen. Stab me with a chaos emerald.

There is entirely too much for me to cover here. I'm not going to give you a rundown of this person's history, that's why I've given you the courtesy of watching this entire saga unfold through the voice of GenoSamuel2.1.

The shit that tickles me about ChrisChan specifically is the entitlement factor. Screaming at your audience to give you money and you don't even have the courtesy to wear latex and punch a dildo in the balls? This wacky character isn't joking. There's no irony here. Why can't you just be fuckin' normal and sane like me? You have no self awareness.

And look. Yes. This silly goose raped their mother. But seeing how dumb ol' ChanChan is, they were probably just trying to crawl back inside her VAGINA to go home. That's all. ChrisChan not a degenerative sex pervert masquerading as a transgender person and doing irreperable damage to that community's image in the minds of normal society. Not at all. She's just vibin', son.

I know there are trans readers of the site. This shit is like blackface, right?

You should go beat this kid up.

But truth be told, I kinda dig the Sonichu shit. It's colored pencilcore and OCpilled. I dig it. I want my own Sonic OC.

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