Gen Z Slang

Date: September 22nd, 2021

I have awoken, and thus, I'm annoyed at something.

What's got my panties in a knot right now? People who say "you love to see it."

Really? I love to see it? Thanks for letting me know. Asshole. I didn't realize how I felt until you told me. Go fuck yourself.

I'm sick of "deadass." I'm sick of "clapback." I'm sick of "spill the tea." I'm sick of "drip." I'm sick of "finna." I'm sick of your glow ups. They make me want to throw up. You look like fucking aliens or some shit. So many Gen Z people have like no detail in their facial features. It's fucked up. Is it because of all the birth control pills in the water? Christ.

It's like the Saved By The Bell Lifetime movie. Like, what the fuck is this?

Is this even a real human being? Where are your facial features!?

If you put "t" at the end of "period" and turn it into "periodt" you're a fucking idiodt. It's like the entire world just wants to sound like blithering, blubbering fucktards. And don't even get me started on "yaaaassss!" It makes me want to vomit. Every time. You people are stupid assholes.

I'm sick of "this ain't it, chief." Really? Is it not? Glad you can shut down an entire argument with a meme sentence.

"hurr ratio." Haha. Good one. Kill yourself.

I wish everyone who talked like this would all spontaneously burst into flames and burn alive. I'm so tired of living in the stupidest fucking time period in history and having to see it everywhere I go. Why did I leave Twitter? Because of the ongoing perpetual idiocy of every living human being on the platform. I always read the word "bruh" in bad breath. You sound gross.

I have witnessed people who used to speak intelligently swiftly transition into sounding like absolute fucking morons in a short amount of time. What happened to Tara Lapinsky? She used to talk like a human being. Now she fucking sucks. She should have her medals taken away.

God I fucking hate everyone. Humanity is garbage.

Be glad I stay on humanRaCcoOn. If I were a public figure who actually appeared on TV and shit, I'd have a Dudley Boyz Heatwave moment.

And it's not like Millennials are much better. My own age group desperately tries to fit in with these fucking jackasses. You're the increasingly older generation that's trying to seem hip and fit in because your entire life was spent marketing on you being the young generation and the future, and you all squandered it and pissed it away and you still feel like you have a future. You don't. You threw it in the trash. Now you get to see the fruits of your labor as your younger siblings in humanity turn the world into a giant cesspool of single-digit IQs. Good job. Hope you're proud of yourselves.

Glad Gen X could properly be so nihilistic and pointless that two worthless generations followed them and somehow, some way, find a way to accomplish even less overall. If Gen X hadn't had the 90s video quality aesthetic added to it by proxy of technology, you'd really see how fucking cringe they all were. TV was good, music was good, the people were dogshit. And it's only getting worse.

Guess that's what happens when boomers decide that watching TV is cooler than raising your kids.

And the cycle continues, because the world you're given is the one you give away.
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