Reaction Videos

Date: July 18th, 2021

There's an odd trend going on in the world currently. It's where people who technically shouldn't have "public figurey" presences get on YouTube, aim a webcam at their face and then record themselves watching a video or listening to a song or whatever, slap the space bar every couple seconds and go "THIS MAN JUST SAID----" and just repeat whatever this man just said.

These guys get tons of hits for absolutely no effort. It's genuinely amazing. I'm impressed. To achieve monetary success based solely on the accomplishments of others? That's my dream! What the FUCK.

These guys are the real artists... yeah. The CON artists. Haha. Got 'em.

Like, I don't know if it's a parasocial relationship thing. Where like, people feel lonely so they wanna feel like they're hanging out with someone who likes the same shit they like.

Maybe it's like how people play Animal Crossing to curb loneliness or buy hookers or whatever. But I dunno.

Maybe I'd like it better if it were on public access.