Date: December 8th, 2021

When I heard about a new website called SpaceHey that (mostly) emulated old MySpace, I was sold. I loved MySpace. Best time of my computer life. So I thought, "this is perfect! I'll get to go back into a social circle with people who are similar to me. SWEET!"

So I signed up, started getting friend requests from people, it was all goin' great! Lots of cool alt people popped in, some of which had their own little projects going like I do. Neat.

But, I soon learned that another issue from the old MySpace cropped up: horny men! Eek!

Yeah. I'd post on there occasionally, throwing whatever links for stuff I've done lately. Latest raCcoOnTV episode, articles, etc. I thought it would be a good space, since there's like bands and stuff who put their stuff up on it. I'm just a more retarded, zero talent requiring version of that. So let's kickflip into a bowl of friendship, gang! SpaceHey 2021. I live for this shit.

So how did that go?

...alright. Kinda missing the point of the show. I wasn't even physically on that episode. But whatever. This guy gets boners for raccoons. That's fine. I'm no bigot.

...oh! I have a new message! Yay! Let's see what we got! That's no good.

I'm not gonna screenshot them all, but I got a few of these kinda things. "Hey babygirl"s and such.

This is why the internet is hilarious. If you're a woman and you don't put pictures of yourself up on your accounts on whatever site/social thing you're doing, people criticize you and say stuff like "pfft probably a dude" or "probably ugly" or "probably fat." Then, when you actually DO have a picture of yourself, this is what you get. Covered in ropes of involuntary fluids.

You can't do THAT on television!

I see so much shaming get posted online of like "creepy dude being creepy with his creepy penis" yet they still do it.


Be less unhinged please. Like me!

...oh whatever. I'll just try to dip into a conversation thread and take my mind off it. This guy posted a Janet Jackson music video that's all trippy! Let's see how this interaction goes!

...I quit.