Gaming YouTubers

Date: October 7th, 2021

I fucking hate the video game side of YouTube.

It's all grotesquely untalented hacks staring into 4k webcams and giving the most lukewarm takes ever. "UNDERRATED GEM: EARTHBOUND!" Shit like that. Like everyone and their mother hasn't heard of Earthbound by now. Fuck off.

You click these guys who think they're a brand, meanwhile it's like "Hey guys! GameDave63 here!" and he's got GameDave63 shirts and the comments are full of autistic anime avatars being like "omg your editing is so good!" because it cuts to clips as he's talking about them, like that takes any fucking skill whatsoever.

The thumbnails are atrocious too. Always them making the most obnoxious face they can muster and putting bold ass text on everything, trying desperately to catch the fleeting eyes of the ADHD riddled masses who don't give a fuck what garbage they're pouring into their dumb little heads.

Like, when I started watching YouTube stuff, I got into some of this stuff before it was this bad. I started with Angry Video Game Nerd (who used to be good before he tried to do a movie and had a baby and then sold his soul to Screenwave media), and then I found PeanutButterGamer and was like "oh cool! This guy likes stuff!" That led me to JonTron, who just shrieks like an ogre and puts yellow text on the screen to accentuate every word he says. Remember guys: loud is funny. Just scream like you caught your labia in your zipper the entire video and everything you say will be funny to people who think Steven Universe is a good show.

Everyone is biting someone these days. They see someone do something and they go "I WANT TO BE A THING TOO!" because they're sad and lonely and the world has become a cesspool where you can't get validation and acceptance from your own friend circle, so everyone is trained to want to become famous because famous people are the only people that anyone shows any love or care for. You'll see someone wish Nikki Minaj a happy birthday on Twitter based on remembering it and then forget their own best friend's birthday when they got told a week ago it was coming up.

You should want entertainment to be better. These Let's Player people? It's all they do. So at the very least, the people doing reviews of games online in video form are slightly above them since they still have to do some sort of editing and presentation with it... but actually, I take that back. Because a lot of these guys just outsource their bullshit to other people to edit it for them.

So to recap: they have no charisma, yet they host. They aren't particularly fun to look at, yet they get the HDest of cameras they can. They can't edit videos, so they pawn it off on other people... and half the time they barely even know the shit they're talking about and just read other people talk about it to quickly learn about it, which then sends us down a repetitive information rabbithole because half the people writing about these fucking games did the same thing. So it's just information getting funneled down into it's finite form.

Fuck YouTube.
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