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Kylie Rae Harris Is Dead (And I'm Glad)


Date: December 7th, 2019

Written by: Majin Tween

Dude. Joe Biden isn't FUCKING AROUND anymore. Buckle up for this shit.


Some old guy was accusing the old-as-fuck Joe Biden as being corrupt and evil, to which Joe Biden snapped back (like a hat) "you're a damn liar!"

Holy SHIT. Joey Bi-Bi said damn.

Because the old guy criticized Joe Biden for the cut of his gib, Biden also said that they should "go do pushups together." You know. Like guys do.

I really want to watch these two elderly fucks have a pushup contest. Specifically, I want to see Joe Biden's forearms snap in half and jut through his elbow meat like Wolverine's claws. That would rule.

While I got this news site cracked open, let's see what else is going on in 'Murrica.

In music news, country singer (and apparent douchebag) Kylie Rae Harris killed herself and another driver named Maria Elena Cruz. This dead guitar-strumming twat was drunk as fuck and driving 120mph when she crashed into Maria's car and killed both of them. The victim was 16. The retarded country singing douchebag who thought driving drunk was a good idea was 30.

In artfag news, people are paying $120,000 for bananas duct taped to canvases.

Yes, I'm serious.

I fucking hate art.

Why don't you just shit on a plate and superglue it on there and sell that? Maybe some retarded frenchman will show up and buy it.

Catellan says he was "trying to imagine something to symbolize my love of New York, and it was difficult." Then: "I thought somehow the banana was something that now you can find at every street corner... For sure an eggplant would not have been so effective." Then he says that the duct tape is because there's duct tape on the pipes of his apartment, and New York has apartments everywhere. I'm speechless at how stupid this is.

The world of art is retarded. Whatever happened to drawing pictures of stuff? Like the dude who painted a soup can. Even that had more worth than this worthless piece of shit's banana nonsense.