Date Posted: August 15th, 2021

Good news, everyone! I just got all 400 vaccines that I'm required to get to not be considered a domestic terrorist!

I mean, what the fuck. They keep telling us "hey sorry that last one didn't do anything. Get the new one."

But hey! I don't want people to think I'm some kind of critical thinker for wondering what they're injecting us with if it's not actually the cure for this shit.

It's also probably not a good thing that people get injected with whatever this stuff is and go full "the government is good! Just trust them bro!" mode.

Yeah. It came out that even vocally questioning what the fuck is going on with this shit can make you a "Terror Threat."

But the real terror is living strattling getting the black plague or getting injected with stuff that apparently isn't even the cure for it.

Oh well. At least I got a cool new mask.

I'm not gonna cover the air holes.

I'm gonna purposefully sneeze COVID spit through the vents in the front to stop people from walking up to me in public.