Don't Hang Yourself

Date Posted: October 13th, 2021

Have you ever been hated or discriminated against? I have. In fact, I just got post-blocked on Twitter for 12 hours for "encouraging suicide."

Anybody who has spent any time on this site knows that this is the exact opposite of how I ever feel about anything, as I've lost a lot of people I care about to suicide and often go on grand speeches against the entire thing. But according to Twitter, I'm pro-suicide and self harm.

What was the thing that got me flagged? Why, it was this:

The title of the video I shared includes the words "hang yourself." So Twitter staff blindly suspended me and locked me from my account for 12 hours, despite the fact that the reference to "hanging yourself" is actually about Mario launching himself underneath a bridge and catching the bottom of it and hanging from it.

Yes. I got suspended for 12 hours for this.

I'm utterly flabberghasted at how stupid, thoughtless and fucking lazy these people who are paid decent money (more than I make) to keep their social media shithole a safe space. Meanwhile, people get doxxed on there, death threats, spammed, harassed, insulted, etc. and nothing ever happens to their accounts. I get that by reacting to this, I'm selling whichever one of you reported the post in the first place and I'm giving you your little dopamine hit of wanting to see me get fucked over for whatever reason. I mean, I don't technically give a shit because I don't like Twitter anyway but on principal I have to call out how stupid this is.

Like, to target me of all people is just dumb as balls. I'm just some loser goth chick who makes jokes on a website and then tweets the links. Are you really that bothered by me? Because that rules. I really hope I've pissed off someone enough that I live in their head rent free. I'll put my feet up on your lobes and watch TV way too loud and you won't be able to think about anything.

Maybe I was autoflagged by some sort of bullshit Twitter algorithm. Either way, whatever the reason: whoever is responsible is a retarded idiot and it's not going to stop me from updating my site and keeping everything going. The Twitter thing was more of a courtesy for people to get updates on articles the second they go up, instead of having to check the site all the time. It's not like people aren't doing that anyway. You haven't beaten me. You can't. You'd have to report me to the humanRaCcoOn admins and---wait! That's me! Suck my ass, nerd.