Lisa Rinna and the Paparazzi Nazis

Date Posted: October 6th, 2021

Taylor McBride was a Karen from Melrose Place. I did rewatch Melrose Place kinda recently, but my memory is fucking terrible so I don't remember what all this bitch did. But I bet it was some bullshit.

Anyway. The actress who plays her, Lisa Rinna, has gotten into it with the paparazzi because she posted pictures of herself that were taken by these vultures and is now being sued for posting copyrighted photographs.

Yes. In this country, people can take photos of you without your consent and then SUE you for redistributing them.

I'm baffled at how fucking retarded a system can be that this would be allowed. Like... what? This is like installing a security camera in someone's bedroom without their consent, recording them having sex and then suing them for masturbating to it.

Speaking to the L.A. Times, Rinna came to the baffling realization that the media doesn't give a fuck about her.

"I've been nice, I've never fought with them, I've never run from them. My kids grew up with them jumping out of the bushes in Malibu. We've had a very good relationship with the press and the paparazzi. That's why this is so shocking to me."

Yes. This woman had her children growing up with strange adults jumping out of bushes after spying on them to take photos of them without their consent and publish them for the entire world to see, and she thought "man we got a great thing going here." That is how brainwashed these fucking people are.

Between the pedophilia rings that run rampant throughout Hollywood to this shit being normalized, mixed in with the fact that there hasn't been a good original movie concept released in a very, very long time... I think it may just be time to shut the entertainment industry down and give it to the indy scene.

The corporate infrastructure that has such a stranglehold on the American public continues to prove time and time again that they aren't worth a squirt of piss.
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