Madonna @ MTV Video Music Awards

Date Posted: September 12th, 2021

I don't keep up with celebrity stuff. I don't really give a shit about modern music, or modern entertainment in general, but Madonna apparently appeared at the most recent MTV Music Awards, which is completely justified. An icon of the original MTV era (you know, back when the M stood for Music and not Mediocre) but it seems that people these days are such ungrateful fucks to the people who paved the way for the shit they enjoy that they can't stand to see a literal legend get the platform to get the praise their due.

Yeah. What's funny is when Madonna passes away, these same assholes will be praising Madonna as the icon she currently is. They'll wear shirts with her face, crank her music and lament about how "iconic she was" while ignoring the fact that while she was still here they took a big piss all over her for being old. As if they're mad at her for still being alive.

You're just bullies. That's all.

You have no respect for those who paved the way for modern artists. Madonna is one of the founding mothers of modern pop music, the shit you listen to every day, and you treat her like this? Shame on all of you.

Ignoring the fact that Madonna's one of the OGs of humanRacCoOn, with her appearing in the first ever episode of raCcoOnTV. She has accomplished more in her career than any of these piece of human shit criticizing her for... what? Being an older woman and still having a tight body and not being afraid to show it? I'd like to see how you all look when you're her age.

B-but she got surgeries to help her look that way!

So? Your favorite young stars are riddled with cosmetic surgeries and they still don't look half as good as she does now. And that doesn't even matter. Why is everything a looks-based competition with you shallow fuckheads? Besides, most of you look like literal shit and have no room to judge anyone's appearance. And don't pretend you're not: you have your photos all over your Twitter. I can see how ugly you are, inside and out. Your ugly personality drips all over your shallow criticisms of others while your ugly appearance permeates a little icon next to your every bitter comment.

Do I like everything Madonna's done? Nah. Most of her shit isn't my flavor. That doesn't mean I don't recognize everything she has done for women in entertainment and entertainment in general. She paved the way for so many women, she's genuinely intelligent, has a great mind for the entertainment industry AND has reinvented herself to fit in with whatever era she headed into more than most anyone ever has, while most of you can't even fathom the simplest of thoughts that go beyond "I LIKE THIS BECAUSE I WAS TOLD TO."

Fuck you. Madonna rules.
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