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I Hate Dogs


Date: November 11th, 2019

Written by: Princess Link

I would never fuck a dead girl... but I would let the ghost of Brittany Murphy be my dominatrix.


Majin Tween is watching Rusty: The Great Rescue. It's this fucking awful movie about dogs who can talk. I wasn't even going to write anything about this. I was painting my nails and eating a muffin and this fucking thing got me so pissed off that I had to open notepad and vent this rage that is building inside of me.

I hate this fucking movie.

They make shitty fucking jokes like "I'm dog tired" and "it's a figure of bark."


No. I'm not about to review this piece of garbage. I don't review movies. I just want you to understand that I fucking hate puppies. I want to slit their fucking throats.

Yeah. That's right. Most people think dogs are cute. Not me. I think they're overrated.

First of all... they smell fucking horrible. Let's get that out of the way. Every single one. They've got nasty breath, their bodies are ugly, you can always see their assholes. It's fucking disgusting.


They'll shit on the floor if you don't take them outside.

They'll eat their own shit.

They sniff each other's assholes.

They lick their own assholes, then lick your children's faces.

People always argue what pet is better... cats or dogs. The answer is cats, because dogs are fucking terrible. If I had the time, I would travel around the world and punch every dog ever in the face.